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Budget Billing

Very cold winters and hot, humid summers often lead to high monthly energy use. With our Budget Billing option, you can avoid seasonal spikes in your energy bills by dividing your payments evenly over the course of the entire year at no extra cost. This plan makes it easier for you to budget and pay your energy bill each month, because you know your regular payment amount.

Budget Billing has 11 "budget" months and one "settlement" month each year. During each budget month, your bill will include the "budget installment" that is due before the "late payment" date listed on your bill. (This budget installment amount is established based on past energy usage patterns at your service location.) Your bill will also show the amount of your actual energy use for that month and your current "budget balance." Periodically, we review your budget installment amount and, if necessary, recalculate it based on your actual (lower or higher) energy use.

The amount you owe in the settlement month will include your actual energy costs for that month, as well as the difference (plus or minus) between the amount you paid during the previous 11 budget months and the amount of energy used during those months.

To sign up for budget billing, please call Customer Care at 1-800-375-7117 or register for My Account, a secure self-service option that will allow you to:

  • view and pay your bill
  • sign up for eBill (paperless billing)
  • get an e-mail when your bill is ready
  • take advantage of features than can help you save on your energy bill

Once you have registered for My Account, log in and click on the "Budget Billing" button in the left-hand menu.

First time "My Account" user
You will need your most recent bill to register

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