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Peak Energy Savings Credit

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​​Saving is Easy on Peak Savings Days

What are Peak Savings Days?​

Peak Savings Days are a few days each summer when demand for energy is highest, and they typically occur for a few hours between noon and 8:00 p.m. You can earn bill credits by using less energy during those peak hours. Lean more on Peak Energy Savings Credit​.

And you don't even have to enroll, we'll notify you the night before a Peak Savings Day by phone or you can choose to be notified by text or email. To set your preferences, log in to My Account​. See how you can Manage Peak Energy Savings Credit.

How Can I Save?

The less energy you use on a Peak Savings Day, the more you can save on your next bill with The Peak Energy Savings Credit.

  • ​Reduce your A/C use, just a few degrees makes a difference 
  • Fire up the outdoor grill, instead of cooking inside 
  • Save high energy chores, like laundry and dishes, for later

Get more energy savings tips here.

Get Even More Savings

Save even more with Energy Wise Rewards™ by making your savings automatic. Sign up and get your choice of a FREE smart thermostat or an outdoor switch installed at no charge - plus you'll get a one-time credit at the time of installation. Sign up for Energy Wise Rewards™ here.

You can view your savings credits online or on your next bill. And if you want to learn more about our energy savings programs, check out our FAQ page.​​​​​​

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