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Virtual Commissioning Program



VCx® is a complimentary service for non-residential customers. A trained Energy Advisor analyzes your facility's energy data with no on-site visits necessary. Participating is fast and easy with no eligible equipment criteria, fees, or enrollment paperwork. In 2020, VCx participants reduced their energy usage by an average of 18%.

How VCx Works

  • Utility Meter Data Analysis: A remote analysis provides insight to understand energy usage at your facility to identify unexpected and wasted usage
  • Personalized Recommendations: With guidance through ongoing communication and discussions with a trained Energy Advisor, recommendations are provided for your facility that are easy to implement, and are low or no cost to you.
  • Virtually Delivered: No on-site visits or in-person audits required. Communication with an Energy Advisor is provided virtually and remotely, by email or phone. 
  • Measured Results: See the impact of implemented adjustments. Your dedicated Energy Advisor will measure and verify the energy savings impacts.

What to Expect

If the remote analysis of your meter data confirms that you may benefit from VCx, an Energy Advisor will contact you to further discuss and offer assistance, providing recommendations based on your facility's unique energy usage and your business' priorities.

Common Recommendations  

This service will help identify energy-saving opportunities such as: 

  1. Optimizing equipment schedules
  2. Managing equipment start-up and shut-down schedules
  3. Identifying equipment setbacks to address unnecessary usage

For more information about VCx, please contact the administrator at or visit their website at

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