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Webcasts, Presentations & Publications

​We support renewable energy and partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of renewable energy into the electric grid.

Delmarva Power offers resources to help customers and contractors understand the complex interconnection process.


Learn information to help you efficiently interconnect with the electric grid and safely generate power with renewable energy resources such as solar panels or wind turbines, and receive bill credits for your excess generation.

These 1-hour webcasts cover a wide range of topics from step-by-step instructions on the application process, to the engineering review process, to understanding how net energy metering affects your utility bills. This information is important to know before buying or installing a renewable energy system, and a valuable opportunity to learn everything you need to know from Delmarva Power net energy metering experts. Learning this information will help make the interconnection process easier.

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​Brochures And Educational Flyers

Whether you ar​​e a customer wanting to know more about the renewable generation or a solar contractor seeking educational tools for your customers, these printable documents can help.

Solar Estimator Tools

Our WattPlan​​​® service will help you estimate the electricity a system might generate at your premise and how much you might save each year on your electric bills. 

Our Request Cu​​stomer Usage tool provides a secure, online process for renewable energy contractors to obtain a customer’s historical energy usage data, which the contractor can use to size the customer’s proposed solar generating system.


Customers and renewable energy contractors can learn in-depth details about net energy metering and the interconnection application process from our printable, downloadable presentations.

Face-To-Face Educational Meetings

Renewable generation system contractors and your staff can meet with Delmarva Power Green Power Connection team members at your business location (or ours) for a hands-on review of the interconnection application process. We’ll include a review of your past incomplete applications and helpful hints for completing them in the future. To arrange a meeting, email NEMEducation@pep​​​

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