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Getting Started

​Customers are increasingly supplementing Delmarva Power energy with self-generated power. Interconnection is the process of registering and connecting power generation equipment, such as solar energy systems, to Delmarva Power's electric distribution system.​

Step-by-Step Process

Every solar project goes through a similar step-by-stop process. Here are the primary steps that you will experience if you choose to go solar.

  1. Research Solar. Find out your property's solar potential based on rooftop characteristics and electricity use. 
  2. Apply to Connect. Work with your contractor to submit an interconnection application requesting your system be interconnected to Delmarva Power's smart grid.
  3. Install and Operate. Have a qualified contractor install your solar energy system. Once your interconnection application has been approved, Delmarva Power will issue a Permission to Operate (PTO) and ensure the proper net metering infrastructure is in place (if applicable). Then, flip the switch and start safely generating energy!
  4. Enjoy the Benefits! Receive net metering credits from Delmarva Power when your solar energy system produces more energy than you consume. You also may be eligible for other solar credits as detailed on your solar calculator report.

For more information about the process, download our interconnection brochure for Maryland or Delaware.

Working with a Contractor

Have additional questions? A qualified solar contractor can answer any questions you may have and provide a thorough evaluation of your property.

Learn more about finding a contractor in Maryland and Delaware.

Apply to Connect My Solar Energy System

In most cases, a customer will work with a contractor to connect their solar energy system to the smart grid. However, you can apply for interconnection as a customer.

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