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Whole House Time of Use Rate (TOU)

Delmarva Power offers a special time of use rate for residential plug-in vehicle drivers that applies to your entire home's electricity usage. This rate (R-PIV) offers potential cost savings to customers who can reduce energy use during peak hours or shift their energy use from peak to off-peak hours.  Peak hours are Monday – Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. excluding holidays. All other hours are off-peak.

Electric Rate Plan Options

Standard Offer Service Rate

  • Default rate for Delmarva Power residential customers who choose the Standard Offer Service
  • Residential price plan with the same generation service rate for each hour of the day

Whole House TOU Plan

  • Rate option for residential customers who drive an electric vehicle capable of traveling at least 30 miles using electricity as fuel, without the use of gas
  • Generation service rate is lower during off-peak times, and higher during peak times
  • Plan qualifies energy usage for the entire home and uses a smart meter to keep track of your electricity usage and allows you to adjust habits and lower your energy bill

Learn more about the differences in rate plans.

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Visit the registration page and register your EV with Delmarva Power. The information you provide helps to improve the reliability of your electric service and allows us to keep you informed of new programs to support our EV customers.


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