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Residential Charger Rebate

Through Delmarva Power’s EVsmart Program, you may be eligible for a $300 rebate and $50 annual incentive when you install a qualified Level 2 smart charger for your home. Upgrading to a Level 2 smart charger allows you to charge your electric vehicle faster and may include an optional Wi-Fi app to control your settings and save money.

Any Delmarva Power customer who lives in a single-family home (either attached or detached) with secure home Wi-Fi (hotspots not sufficient) is eligible to participate. Customers must agree to share charging data with Delmarva Power’s. Rebates are limited and are available while supplies last.

How to Participate

  1. Purchase a qualifying charger from the retailer of your choice and have installed at your home.

    • Eligible chargers include: ChargePoint, Enel X and Siemens. There are also many EV manufacturers that offer advanced vehicle telematics and qualify for incentives with an approved software integration connection. Review EV manufacturers eligibility details.

      ManufacturerModel #
      Enel XJuiceBox 32
      Enel XJuiceBox 40
      Enel XJuiceBox 48
      SiemensVersiCharge IEC
      Various EVs available Multiple manufacturer options

    • Level 2 smart chargers require installation of a 240-volt outlet. It is recommended that you hire a qualified electrician who is familiar with EV charging equipment. Installation charges will vary but can range from $200 to $1,000.*

  2. Apply for the rebate. After successful installation, fill out the rebate application and submit by email to Please include the following supporting materials with your application:

    • A copy of the sales receipt (showing purchase date, price and model number)
    • The installation invoice (showing installation date and cost)
    • A photo of the equipment serial number(s)
    • A copy of your most recent Delmarva bill

    New Application

  3. Confirm your charger connection. Once your application materials are received and reviewed, Delmarva Power will confirm your charger's network connectivity.

    Note: If you are applying through an eligible EV manufacturer, you must first create an evPulse Account. Enroll here.

  4. Receive your $300 rebate in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Your rebate will arrive by mail once your application has been submitted, received, and approved.

  5. Receive your $50 annual incentive. Annual incentives will be issued each December through 2023.**

Off-Peak Off-Bill Program

The Off Peak – Off Bill program (OPOB) will provide Delmarva Power customers with a rebate based on how much electricity (kWh) they use each quarter to charge their EV during off-peak hours. Peak hours are defined as noon to 8 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays, and all other hours are off-peak. Based on actual charging session data, Delmarva Power will calculate the rebate amount by subtracting any peak charging from total off-peak charging at 3 cents per kWh. Customers will receive the credit in the form of an electronic gift card.

How to Participate

To participate in the OPOB program, customers must apply for Delmarva Power's Residential Charger Rebate to determine eligibility. Because charger data is used to calculate the OPOB rebate, Delmarva Power must ensure customer charger data is obtainable. You can apply in two ways:

This program is paired with Delmarva's $300 Residential Rebate offering. Customers who have purchased and installed an eligible EV charger from July 2019 and on, can apply for the $300 rebate as well. In order to participate in the OPOB program, customers must first apply for the rebate to determine eligibility. Since charger data is used to calculate the credit amount, Delmarva must ensure that the data is obtainable from the charger in addition to giving customers $300! Customers can indicate their interest in participating in the OPOB program by checking the bottom of the rebate application (pdf) and submitting the signed customer participation agreement (pdf) to

If you have already applied for a charger rebate, you can let us know you're interested in the OPOB program by completing the customer participation agreement (pdf) and emailing it to


**Until the end of 2023. Customers who apply after October 2022 will receive an incentive for the following year.

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