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Electric Vehicle Program

​In October 2017, we proposed an innovative program to help prepare Delaware for the growth of electric vehicles (EVs). As the energy provider responsible for managing the power grid across most of the state, we play a critical role in supporting EV growth. Our program will help us understand how EVs will affect our system. Understanding these changes now will help us continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy services as EVs become more popular. The Delaware Public Service Commission is currently reviewing our proposal and will make a decision later this year.

As a critical part of the East Coast’s transportation corridor, Delaware is experiencing rapid EV growth. Growing demand for EVs requires more charging infrastructure to increase access to electricity. Maintaining reliability and stability as electric demand grows also requires enhancements to the power grid and changes to how we manage our system. We worked with our partners across the state to identify solutions that will help Delaware address these challenges and become a leader in the EV market. The residential, commercial and public offerings provided through this program will help us meet our customers’ evolving needs. 

Program Offerings


Our program will provide customers with reduced electric rates, credits, rebates and other incentives to purchase and own EVs.

  • An innovative rate option will allow residential customers with EVs to save money by charging their vehicles during off-peak hours.

  • Customers with EVs can receive a credit on their energy bill if they choose to share important usage information with us. This data will allow us to analyze our system so we better understand customer demand, expectations and habits, as well as potential system effects.

  • Discounts will be available for EV charging equipment for homes.


The program will offer a discount on EV charging equipment for condominiums, apartment complexes and parking garages.


Through the program, we will install new EV charging infrastructure in different communities across the state, expanding public charging options and driving progress for our customers. 

  • Two new electric vehicle fast chargers located along main transportation corridors.

  • Two new curbside chargers located in neighborhoods that offer maximum opportunity and convenience for EV charging.

The Delaware Public Service Commission is reviewing the program and its proposed offerings. You can find additional details about the regulatory process on the Delaware Public Service Commission’s website​. We expect a decision to be made later this year. Please check back regularly for updates.

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