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Electric Vehicle Program

In July 2019, the Delaware Public Service Commission approved Delmarva Power's proposal to begin offering an electric vehicle (EV) rate option (service classification) for residential customers who charge their EVs at home. This offering -- called the Plug-In Vehicle rate (PIV Rate) -- is a step towards expanding EV charging options and preparing for greater electric transportation demand in Delaware.

Plug-In Vehicle Rate Plan Description

Eligible Delmarva Power residential customers in Delaware can receive a special time-of-use (TOU) rate specific to Plug-In Vehicle (EV) charging. The remainder of your home will stay on your residential electric rate. The PIV Rate provides the benefit of reduced electric bills for customers when you charge your vehicle during off-peak hours (8:00 PM – 12:00 PM on weekdays, and all hours during the weekend; see graphic below).

off peak.png

Excludes weekends and holidays, which are billed at the off-peak rates. Actual savings may vary. Rates are subject to change and are approved by the Delaware Public Service Commission.

The PIV Rate requires the installation of a 2nd utility meter, paid for by the residential customer upon application approval. In order to have a 2nd utility meter installed, you must first have a separate 200-amp meter socket available next to your existing home meter. If your home does not have an existing socket, a new meter socket installation must be performed and inspected by a licensed electrician and inspection agency. The meter from Delmarva Power costs approximately $225 and (based on customers’ experiences) it can cost $500 - $1,000 for an electrician to install the meter socket.

Delmarva Power Delaware FAQs

Are Delmarva Power’s Electric Vehicle incentives the same for Delaware and Maryland customers?

No. Delaware and Maryland have different Public Service Commissions. They approved different incentive types, eligibilities, and limits.

What are the Electric Vehicle incentives available to Delmarva Power Delaware customers?

The only currently approved incentive is the PIV time of use rate.

What is the PIV time of use rate incentive?

Residential customers (excluding multi-unit dwellings) who own an electric vehicle can choose to separately meter the electricity used to charge the vehicle. The cost of this electricity is less than the cost of standard service. In order to separately meter that electricity, the customer must have a second meter installed in the home.

Do I have to pay for a second meter?

Yes. While Delmarva Power will provide a free estimate to assess the feasibility of installing a second meter, the customer will be responsible for the cost to have Delmarva Power install a second meter. The meter from Delmarva Power costs approximately $225 and (based on customers’ experiences) it can cost $500 - $1,000 for an electrician to install the meter socket.

What part of my bill would be affected if I switch to the PIV Rate?

The supply portion of your bill would be affected. The transmission, distribution, and any applicable surcharges would not be affected by enrolling in the PIV service classification. Note, customers must take the Company’s standard offer service (SOS) to be eligible for the PIV service classification, so customers with third party suppliers are not eligible for the PIV Rate. Customers also have the option of a PIV-Green Rate, which provides 100% renewable energy on an opt-in basis.

What are peak hours?

Peak hours are from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM on all weekdays. All other hours are off-peak.

Ready to move to Delmarva's new plug-in vehicle rate? Review and fill out this application and email to

Additional Incentives for Customers

These new offerings complement existing incentives, rebates, discounts, and programs already in place in the state that help residents and businesses buy, own, and operate EVs. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control offers several important incentives, including rebates, up to $2,500, for the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle and various rebates for the purchase of EV charging stations for multi-unit dwellings, workplaces, and commercial properties that are publicly accessible.

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