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Battery Storage

​At Delmarva Power, we are constantly evaluating new technologies and services that can connect our communities, create new energy choices, and power a cleaner and brighter future. Battery storage technology is an important piece of building a smarter, stronger, and cleaner energy grid to improve service for our customers and communities. Through Maryland's Energy Storage Pilot Program, Delmarva Power and our sister companies are completing six battery storage projects that will explore how this innovative technology can benefit customers and enhance the reliability of the local energy grid.

About Battery Storage Technology

Battery storage systems, also called energy storage systems, are safe and sustainable energy solutions and have the potential for wide-spread deployment on the energy grid. The battery technology used to support the energy grid is essentially a larger scale version of the batteries commonly used in computers and smart phones that can be found in most peoples' homes. When directly connected to the grid, the systems store energy that can be used later to meet customers' needs. State agencies, energy companies, and municipalities are advancing energy storage efforts nationwide, putting in place a building block for a smarter energy grid. 

Current Projects

Elk Neck Battery Storage Pilot Program

The Elk Neck Battery Storage Pilot Program will install a network of residential battery storage systems that provide backup power for participating customers in case of a power outage and support the local energy grid during peak demand. Delmarva Power is working with Sunverge Energy, who will install 110 residential battery storage systems at homes in the Elk Neck, Md. at no charge to the customer.

The residential batteries will improve resiliency for participating customers by providing an automatic backup energy source for the homes during power outages. Based on the configuration of the local energy grid and the unique geography of the area, Elk Neck customers are more vulnerable to power outages, making this an ideal location for the pilot program.

The residential batteries will also be able to feed power into the local energy grid. Working with Sunverge, Delmarva Power will aggregate the residential battery systems to support the local energy grid when electricity demand on the system is high, generally during cold winter days and hot summer days.

For more information, please review our program fact sheet and FAQ. If you are a Delmarva Power customer in the Elk Neck area and interested in participating in the pilot program, please complete this brief survey. The battery storage systems will be provided for eligible customers on a first-come-first-served basis. Installation of the battery storage systems will take place over the course of the year, with all 110 systems installed by early 2022.

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