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Energy Basics

Electricity 101

Electricity is a naturally occurring phenomenon that people have learned to harness through a series of creative inventions.

Electric & Magnetic Fields 101

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are created by the flow of electric current and occur near any device or wire on which electricity is moving.

Natural Gas 101

Natural gas is a combustible mixture of hydrocarbon gases. When it's burned, it produces a powerful burst of energy and few emissions.

Undergrounding 101

Underground lines are typically built when there are no feasible overhead alternatives.

Infrastructure 101

Transmission lines are the heavy cables strung between lattice towers or single shaft poles that carry power from where it is generated to areas where it is needed.

Safety 101

Your safety is important to us. Always call 811 before you dig or drive equipment into the ground.

Rates 101

We provide you with information to help you understand your electricity bill and rates.

Smart Grid 101

New technologies are making your everyday items better, faster and cheaper. And how we deliver your electricity is also improving, thanks to innovative technologies.

Renewable Energy 101

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from natural resources that are continually replenished.

Restoration 101

When power goes out, our restoration process begins as soon as conditions are safe for our professionals.

Reliability 101

Learn about how Delmarva Power improves your service through ongoing reliability efforts.

Tree Pruning 101

Tree pruning is a critical part of our responsibility to deliver safe and reliable electric service.

Energy Conservation 101

Learn how to take control of your energy use so that together we can reduce energy consumption.​

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