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After Storms


Re​​pairs May Still Be In-Progress

  • Stay away from fallen or low-hanging wires or anything they contact, and be especially cautious near metal fences.
  • Tune into local radio stations for safety and status reports.
  • Follow updated information about Delmarva Power's restoration efforts on Twitter or Facebook.
  • For information regarding local resources, including public shelters available, please contact us at 1-800-898-8042.

Roads and Services May Be Impacted

  • Public transportation may not be operating, including public and private wheelchair transport services or para-transits. Routes and schedules may be changed.
  • Roads may be damaged or blocked. Road signs may be down.
  • Traffic lights and walking signals used to cross the street may not be working properly, or at all. This can disrupt cues used to cross the street.
  • Travel time may be longer because of detours and added traffic.​​

Other Resources

American Red Cross
Offers emergency preparedness information, training and services.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 
Provides information, training and financial assistance.

National Safety Council 
Provides safety and related information.
Business continuity planning information, brochures and sample plans. Including a guide on emergency preparedness for individuals.
Links to other government agencies and disaster assistance web sites.

Department of Homeland Security
National site with information on threats and links to other resources.

Small Business Administration
Offers training, recovery assistance and disaster fact sheets.

Institute for Business and Home Safety
Offers online publications to help you prepare for all types of disasters, articles and links to other resources.

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