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For Immediate Release


Timothy Stokes

866-655-2237 (media hotline)

Delmarva Power Delaware Regulatory Rate Review – Natural Gas

Today, we requested a regulatory rate review with the Delaware Public Service Commission to update natural gas delivery rates and adjust the typical natural gas customer's monthly winter bill by 6.5 percent, or about $6.00. This proposed adjustment is to recover the costs for work done over the past two years to modernize and enhance the natural gas delivery system to provide safe and reliable service for customers and to meet the growing demand for natural gas in northern Delaware.

Natural gas delivery rates fund important work, such as our initiative to replace existing cast iron natural gas mains and service lines with new plastic pipe, which enhances safety, is more durable, and improves reliability. Delivery rates also fund key projects to strengthen and create additional capacity in our natural gas delivery system, which have been critical to meeting growing demand for natural gas in northern Delaware and helping us safely and reliably meet our customers' needs during some of the cold temperatures we have experienced over the past two years, including record-breaking customer demand for natural gas in 2018. 

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