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Delmarva Power Provides Community Partners with Crucial Energy Assistance Resources to Support Delaware and Maryland Energy Customers

Newark, D.E. (March 30, 2022) – Delmarva Power hosted a virtual energy assistance summit to aid customers who continue to feel the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event provided a forum for nonprofits and other community partners to hear directly from state and industry leaders and energy assistance experts about available resources to support Delaware and Maryland energy customers with their bills. The collaborative summit delivered needed information to organizations that work to connect local residents facing hardships with energy assistance options.  

"The last couple years have been extremely taxing to the energy sector and communities in Delaware," said Haly Laasme, Del. Energy Assistance Director. "However, through it all, we have learned that diversity is the prerequisite for the resilience of our society and the survival of mankind. I am grateful for the exceptional partnerships between Delaware companies and community agencies, who strongly believe that it is our obligation to help one another during these unparalleled times." 

Through February 2022, 100,536 Delmarva Power customers were behind on their energy bill, 617 more than the same time a year ago.  Of those who are behind, only 15,140 customers have established payment arrangements. Customers must take action to secure available energy assistance and establish payment arrangements.

"We know that many of our customers are facing challenges and we need to work together to support them," said Doug Mokoid, Delmarva Power region president. "Our community partners are on the front lines of connecting our customers with available energy assistance, and we need their support more than ever. There are millions of dollars in energy assistance available and we need to ensure we are supporting our customers in every way possible to get access to that support."

Delmarva Power works hard to keep every customer connected by offering payment arrangements and helping customers secure grants and other support from many available energy assistance programs. In 2021 alone, Delmarva Power helped nearly 18,000 customers secure $34 million in energy assistance, funding that helps pay customer energy bills and money that customers do not need to pay back. For more information on assistance and resources from Delmarva Power, please visit

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