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Delmarva Power Applauds Maryland Governor Hogan, Maryland General Assembly and the Maryland Public Service Commission for Providing $83 Million in RELIEF Grants for Maryland Energy Customers

NEWARK, Del. (June 15, 2021)– Delmarva Power Maryland customers, who may be struggling to manage their energy bills due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, will soon receive a one-time payment to their Delmarva Power account in the form of a grant from the State of Maryland. The grants, which are being provided to customers who meet requirements determined by the State, are part of the $83 million made available through the Recovery for the Economy, Livelihoods, Industries, Entrepreneurs and Families (RELIEF) Act of 2021.

"We commend the Maryland General Assembly and Governor Hogan for utilizing relief assistance in a meaningful and impactful way and for supporting the state's energy customers as we approach the official start of summer," said Derrick Dickens, senior vice president and chief customer officer for Pepco Holdings, which includes Delmarva Power. "This assistance builds on the many programs available to support our customers. We urge our customers to take advantage of the extended payment arrangements and energy assistance programs we are offering to help them meet their energy needs." 

Customers who qualify for a RELIEF grant do not need to take any action and will see the grant applied to their Delmarva Power account during one of the next two billing cycles. Delmarva Power is contacting customers to inform them if they qualify for the grant and to ensure their awareness when they see the grant applied to their bill.

This state-funded grant program builds upon the extended payment arrangements and other assistance programs Delmarva Power offers customers who may be behind on their energy bill. Delmarva Power works closely with its community partners to connect customers with grants and assistance programs like LIHEAP, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. LIHEAP provides grants in varying amounts based on a household's income, size, type of fuel, and type of dwelling, with no pay back required. Customers who may have never qualified for energy assistance may now qualify based on their current financial situation. Delmarva Power customers could qualify for more than $1,000 in assistance just through LIHEAP alone. 

  • Maryland customers can apply for LIHEAP energy assistance through the Department of Human Services website, or by calling the Maryland Department of Human Services Office of Home Energy Programs at 800-332-6347.
  • Delaware residents can apply for LIHEAP energy assistance benefits by visiting or by calling Catholic Charities at 302-654-9295 in New Castle County, 302-674-1782 in Kent County or 302-856-6310 in Sussex County. 

In addition to helping customers secure energy assistance, Delmarva Power offers expanded billing and payment options that include eliminating down payment/security deposit requirements, extending payment periods for balances and connecting more customers with energy assistance funds. Delmarva Power continues to reach out and connect with customers who have fallen behind on their payments, as well as customers who may be eligible for energy assistance, through phone calls, letters, emails, social media, targeted advertising, and more. The most important step that customers who are past due on their Delmarva Power bill can take is to contact the company at 800-375-7117 or as soon as possible. Customers should never wait until they are in crisis to contact the company.

Other programs supporting customers include:

  • Eligible Maryland customers can receive assistance through the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) which helps customers pay for a portion of their current electric bill. The Arrearage Retirement Assistance (ARA) program helps customers with large, past due electric and gas bills. If eligible, customers may receive forgiveness of up to $2,000 toward their past due bill. The Utility Service Protection Program (USPP) is designed to help low-income families during the heating season. Information regarding these programs can be found on the Maryland Department of Human Services Office of Home Energy Programs website or by calling 800-332-6347.
  • Maryland's Emergency Rental Assistance Program also has funding available to help renters pay their utility bills. Renters can call 877-546-5595.
  • Eligible Delaware customers can receive assistance through the Energy Crisis Intervention Program, part of LIHEAP and available for customers that are facing service disconnection. Delaware customers can apply by contacting their county's Catholic Charities by calling 302-674-1782 in Kent County, 302-654-9295 in New Castle County and 302-856-6310 in Sussex County.
  • Delaware's Emergency Rental Assistance Program also funding available to help renters pay their utility bills. Renters can call 866-935-0407.

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