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Reliability Investments Give Delmarva Power Best Performance in Recent History

SALISBURY, Md. (July 14, 2017) - Delmarva Maryland filed a petition today with the Maryland Public Service Commission to authorize a base rate adjustment of $27 million to recover infrastructure investments that led to Delmarva's significantly improved reliability. The rate adjustment would increase a typical residential customer's total monthly bill by $2.78, or 1.91 percent.

In 2016, Delmarva Power had its best reliability performance in recent history, due in part to $68.1 million the company spent last year to improve its Maryland distribution system reliability and to enhance customer service. These investments, which did not represent an increase in budgeted spending, include replacing aging infrastructure, making targeted distribution system upgrades, implementing storm protective measures and expanding system capacity. During 2016, Delmarva Power implemented a number of projects to improve safety, reliability and customer service, while enabling customers to reduce their overall bills through efficiency gains and energy conservation. Those projects included:

•   Upgrading 56 feeder power lines
•   Replacing 35.7 miles of underground cable
•   Replacing equipment at 16 substations
•   Installing 69 reclosers - equipment to auto-restore power after momentary interruptions
•   Repairing or replacing aging equipment such as broken cross-arms, poles or transformers
•   Work on multi-year projects to add additional substations and upgrade others in the Centreville and Salisbury districts

Over 2013-2016, the company invested over $302.2 million in Maryland distribution reliability projects. Since 2012, Delmarva Power Maryland customers have seen 29 percent fewer outages and a 43 reduction in the duration of outages.

"We are committed to delivering highly reliable and affordable energy to our customers and are focused on responsibly managing costs for our customers," said Gary Stockbridge, Delmarva Power region president. "Our merger with Exelon enables us to leverage economies of scale with our purchasing and resources and share best practices. Delmarva Power rates are lower than they would be absent the merger.

"We also provide energy efficiency and energy assistance guidance that can help customers better manage their energy use and their electric utility bills, including accessing financial resources available at federal, state and local levels." Stockbridge said.

For more information about energy-saving programs, billing or rates, customers can call Delmarva Power's Customer Care Center at 1-800-375-7117.

Improvements in infrastructure and technology and energy efficiency programs have enable. Delmarva Power to operate more efficiently, meaning customers are able to use less energy.

In addition, the infrastructure investments are helping drive economic development and job creation in the local economies.

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