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Delmarva Power Readies Systems to Provide Safe and Reliable Service Throughout Winter

NEWARK, Del. (Nov. 3, 2016) - As temperatures begin to dip, Delmarva Power has been hard at work throughout 2016 to ensure the company's natural gas and electric systems are ready to meet the energy needs of our customers all winter long.  

Each year, Delmarva Power invests more than $100 million in the company's natural gas system to provide safe and reliable service for customers. This work includes equipment inspections, repairs and replacements, and preventive maintenance on the company's natural gas transmission and distribution system. 

This year Delmarva Power installed more than 59,500 feet of underground natural gas main to meet the growing needs of new customers. The company also completed 16 projects to replace more than 22,000 feet of existing obsolete natural gas main lines with new plastic pipe, which enhances safety, is more durable and improves service. Delmarva Power has secured natural gas supply and completed filling storage facilities to serve approximately 130,000 natural gas customers this heating season.

The company also has inspected more than 1,479 miles of aerial electric lines. This seasonal readiness work is a part of $222 million invested in the company's electric system since 2014. 

The company's aggressive electric reliability program has produced significant results for customers.  Since 2011, Delmarva Power customers have experienced a 17 percent drop in the number of power outages and a 44 percent increase in the speed in which outages were restored.  

"We prepare for all emergencies and seasonal weather events throughout the year," said Gary Stockbridge president of the Delmarva Power region. "New technology, ongoing system upgrades and reliability work such as proactive tree trimming and equipment maintenance will continue to help us reinforce the local electric system, making it more weather resistant and less vulnerable to storm damage."

As Delmarva Power prepares for the winter, customers should prepare too:

Follow these helpful tips:

  • Clean air vents around the house.
  • Install storm windows and doors.
  • Check weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors.
  • Install seals behind electrical outlets and switches along exterior walls.
  • If a portable generator is needed, follow the manufacturer's instructions and use only when necessary. 
  • Don't overload a generator or operate it inside. 
  • Improper use of a generator can cause fires, increased power outages, carbon monoxide poisoning and even death. 

Delmarva Power also reminds customers to test their heating system and have it inspected by a qualified technician. Regular service will ensure the heating system operates safely and efficiently for the season ahead. 

In addition, Delmarva Power provides a "Weathering the Storm Fact Sheet" that can be downloaded from its website

Natural gas customers increase their use during the winter heating season. If you smell natural gas or have a natural gas emergency please call: 302-454-0317 or 911 if the situation warrants.

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