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Delmarva Power Reminds Customers of the Importance of Natural Gas Safety

NEWARK, Del. (Oct. 26, 2016) - Delmarva Power (DPL) would like to remind customers to familiarize themselves with natural gas safety tips by reviewing DPL's natural gas safety brochure What Everyone Should Know to Stay Safe. The brochure is distributed bi-annually to homes and businesses in and around DPL's natural gas service area. 

With cooler temperatures and the home heating season on the horizon, customers should be mindful that households and businesses not served directly by natural gas are still in proximity to DPL's gas equipment. It is essential that all residents know how to recognize, report, and respond to natural gas leaks and help prevent damage to the gas system.

"As colder weather enters our region, our customers will begin to use more natural gas to support home and business heating needs," said Gary Stockbridge, region president for DPL. "Delmarva Power remains committed to maintaining a safe, reliable and affordable natural gas system.  We work to fulfill that commitment by proactively educating our customers and the community while empowering them with the knowledge to safely work and live around natural gas.  Our safety brochure and website are two great tools to help with natural gas safety and awareness."

DPL's natural gas safety brochure was mailed be all New Castle County residents in April and September 2016 but it can be downloaded anytime at Brochures can also be mailed upon request by calling: 1-800-375-7117.

The brochure provides information in English and Spanish, detailing how to recognize and report natural gas leaks. Additionally, hard copies contain a scratch-and-sniff odor indicator that reminds customers about "mercaptan," a safety additive that DPL and other utilities put in natural gas to give it a distinctive rotten egg odor that makes gas easier to detect.

If you detect a gas leak:

  • Do not use any phones, electric switches, thermostats or appliance controls. All of these devices, including battery operated equipment, can cause sparks, and ignite natural gas.
  • Extinguish all open flames. Do not use matches or lighters and do not attempt to light an appliance.
  • Do not start or turn off vehicles or motorized equipment. Abandon any motorized equipment you may be operating.
  • Do not attempt to find the source of the leak or to repair a leak.
  • Get to a safe area away from the suspected leak and call our gas emergency number at 1-302-454-0317

General Winter Weather Gas Safety Tips:

  • Be sure outside vents from direct-vent appliances (such as dryers and heaters) are free of snow, ice and debris
  • Keep your chimney and flue clean and clear from debris (such as leaves or mortar). A blocked chimney or flue on a natural gas furnace can emit deadly carbon monoxide buildup in your home
  • Make sure your gas meter is free from snow and ice by gently clearing snow using a broom or large brush
  • Keep shoveled and plowed snow piles far away from your gas meter and never use a shovel or sharp tool to chip ice away - this can cause damage or break the meter 
  • Repair gutters and downspouts that drip water onto your meter  
  • If your meter is encased in ice and you experience problems with your gas service please call our gas emergency number at 1-302-454-0317

When you call, DPL will respond promptly to survey the area, perform safety measures, and repair DPL's equipment. There is no charge to investigate a gas leak.

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