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For Immediate Release


Delmarva Power Restoring Natural Gas to Customers

Wilmington, DE - Around 10am this morning Delmarva Power began receiving customer calls regarding suspected natural gas leaks and natural gas pressure issues in several areas within the City of Wilmington. Upon receipt of the customer calls, Delmarva Power Natural Gas Division personnel were immediately dispatched to the impacted areas to assess the situation and ensure safety.   

Initial reports indicate that higher than normal gas pressure was introduced into the Company's low pressure gas system due to  construction work in the vicinity of a Company gas regulator station. The gas system was returned to normal operating conditions at 11:30am today.  

As of 3pm today, the Company is continuing to respond to any outstanding calls stemming from the initial incident. Delmarva Power is recommending that natural gas customers in the City of Wilmington check to see if their pilot lights and gas appliances are operating normally and to call the Company at: 1-302-454-0317 with any concerns.   

Delmarva Power advises customers that if you notice a strong natural gas odor, or if there is other evidence of a natural gas leak, do not enter the premises.

  • If you smell the odor of natural gas while inside your home, leave immediately.
  • As a precaution, do not smoke, make a spark or flame, switch the lights on/off or raise/lower the windows.
  • From a safe place, call Delmarva Power's natural gas emergency number at: 1-302-454-0317

Delmarva Power does not recommend that customers independently turn their gas service off at the meter unless there is an emergency.  This will shut off the gas to your entire home or business.   If you need help turning off the gas, for your own safety, please call Delmarva Power.  The Delmarva Power natural gas meter should only be turned back on by a Company representative.

Additional natural gas safety information can be found at:

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