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Delmarva Power Warns Customers of Fake Invoices

Newark, Del. - Delmarva Power has recently been advised by its sister utility, Atlantic City Electric, and the NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) that scammers posing as third party energy suppliers are sending fake utility bills via email to some New Jersey and Delaware utility customers. The email asks that customers click on a link contained within the email. It is suspected that, by clicking the link, the customer's computer could become infected with a virus or malware.

Delmarva Power asks customers to only pay their utility bills through the company's My Account tool, by visiting or by sending the hard copy of the remittance portion of the invoice through the mail. Customers should not open any email asking that payment be made on their utility bills unless sent by Delmarva Power or the customers' respective third party energy suppliers.

Many companies, including Delmarva Power, contact customers in person or via phone for various reasons. If someone claims to represent a company, whether the company is Delmarva Power or another entity, it is important that customers take precautions to verify that the person is affiliated with the company, especially if that person is requesting an immediate monetary payment.

When addressing past due accounts, Delmarva Power never endorses a specific form of payment. Instead, multiple payment options are always given to the customer.

Delmarva Power advises customers to ask for official photo identification from any person who shows up at their door. Employees from reputable companies, such as Delmarva Power, will carry official company identification cards. If proper identification cannot be produced, customers should notify police and the company with whom the individual claims to be associated.

Similarly, if someone calls saying they represent a certain company, customers should ask them to verify their identity and affiliation. If customers have any doubt about the validity of a person's claim to represent Delmarva Power, they should call the company immediately at 1-800-375-7117.

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