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Delmarva Power Focuses on Customer Safety

During Autumn Cleanup and Home Heating Activities

NEWARK , Del - Delmarva Power reminds customers that electricity is a powerful and potentially deadly force. With yard cleanup and tree trimming chores in full swing, Delmarva Power urges customers to avoid power lines when using equipment such as; ladders, scaffolding, and tree saws. Certain critical clearances are required by law, and a minimum of 10 feet must be maintained when working below or adjacent to power lines.

"The fall weather is officially here and with it brings leaves and tree limbs ready for weekend yard work," said Gary Stockbridge, President of Delmarva Power. When working on any backyard cleanup project, take your time, focus and carefully check all of your equipment for damages as well as safely plan your project prior to getting started. Be sure to communicate your work plan to anyone helping you with the project to eliminate surprises and keep everyone on the same page," Stockbridge added.

Additionally, it is important to consider any potential work site challenges like potholes, roaming pets, children at play and the occasional windy day. Never touch a power line that may be in your work area. Remember to call before you dig and report downed power lines immediately.

The cooler autumn weather also prompts the use of fireplaces, furnaces, space heaters and other heating devices. It is important to make sure proper maintenance is performed prior to using any heat source especially natural gas units. Chimneys that vent fireplaces and furnaces should be properly cleaned to reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide buildup. Space heaters are a convenient way to warm a small area but improper space heater usage can lead to fires and possible injuries. Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions.

The potential for carbon monoxide poisoning is always an elevated possibility if home heating equipment isn't properly tested, serviced and maintained.

If a natural gas leak is suspected, call the Delmarva Power natural gas emergency hotline, 302-454-0317. To report downed power lines please call: 1-800-898-8042. Always call 811 before you dig.

For more information about staying safe around electricity and natural gas please visit



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