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Delmarva Power Supports 2012 Coastal Cleanup

Volunteers Needed to Remove Litter

OCEAN CITY , Md . - In an effort to turn the tide against trash and debris along area beaches and riverbanks, Delmarva Power is partnering with environmental, governmental and business organizations throughout the region to support the 26th annual Coastal Cleanup this fall.

Volunteers are needed to clean up more than 50 locations throughout Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Most cleanups will occur on Saturday, Sept. 15, while others will take place on other dates in September and October. (See attached list for specific information on all cleanup sites, times and dates). Each participant will receive an original Coastal Cleanup T-shirt (while supplies last), courtesy of Delmarva Power, the primary corporate sponsor of the event for 22 consecutive years.

"This annual event offers people the chance to participate in an activity that will have a positive, environmental impact on area beaches and waterways," said Matt Likovich, spokesman for Delmarva Power, during a Coastal Cleanup kickoff news conference on Wednesday in Ocean City. "Delmarva Power's sponsorship and participation in Coastal Cleanup is an example of our commitment to enhancing and protecting our valuable natural resources."

In last year's cleanup, more than 2,700 volunteers collected an estimated 31,000 pounds of trash. Unusual items collected included a BMX bicycle, woman's wig, flag pole, car bumper, keyboard, rain gutter and kitchen counter top. Typical items found included cigar and cigarette butts, beverage containers, plastic bags and balloons with attached strings or ribbons. Balloons, strings and ribbons pose a serious health threat to animals and aquatic life which can mistake balloons for food and become entangled in the strings and ribbons. Delaware last year introduced recycling as part of the cleanup with volunteers separating trash from recyclables.

Coastal Cleanup is part of International Coastal Cleanup, sponsored by Ocean Conservancy, an organization that works to protect the world's oceans. The types and quantities of trash collected during the cleanup will be itemized and analyzed to identify the source of the debris, as well as ways to reduce or eliminate waste.

2012 Coastal Cleanup Locations, Times, Dates & Contacts

Delaware (more than 40 sites) - 9 a.m., 9/15/12 Joanna Wilson or Rachel Coats


New Jersey (2 sites)

Gandy's Beach

Cumberland County - 2:30 p.m.., 9/15/12 Moses Katkowski, 609-861-4126

Atlantic County - 9 a.m., 10/20/12 Tavia Danch, 732-872-0111

Maryland (8 sites)

Beaverdam Creek, Salisbury - 9 a.m., 9/8/12 Mary Seemann, 410-860-6880

Terri Bernard, 410-742-4988, ext. 109

Assateague Island - 9 a.m., 9/15/12 Jim Rapp, 443-614-0261

Ocean City - 10 a.m., 9/15/12 Gail Blazer, 410-289-8221

Nanticoke River

Nanticoke (Roaring Point) - 9 a.m., 9/15/12 Judith Stribling, 410-548-4767

Beth Wasden, 443-944-1175

Nassawango Creek, Snow Hill - 9 a.m., 9/16/12 Joe Fehrer, Jr., 410-430-1743

Janes Island State Park, Crisfield - 8:30 a.m., 9/15/12 Ranger John Somers, 410-968-1565

Pocomoke River , Snow Hill - 9 a.m., 9/22/12 Ron Pilling, 410-632-3971

Kim Klump, 410-726-3090

Mayfield Park, Elkridge -9 a.m., 9/22/12 Sue Muller, 410-313-4697

(This location already has a full quota of volunteers.)


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