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Delmarva Power Doing its Part to Protect Ospreys

Special Project Provides Birds with Safe Nesting Areas

- For almost 25 years Delmarva Power has been installing nesting platforms near some of its power lines as a way to discourage ospreys from building nests on the company's high-voltage equipment. These nesting platforms provide a safer place for ospreys to raise their young and eliminate power outages that occur when the birds and nesting materials contact high-voltage conductors. The birds' nests usually consist of a large heap of sticks, driftwood and seaweed built in forks of trees or on other tall structures.

In recent weeks, nesting platforms were installed in Delaware at the Indian River Inlet south of Rehoboth Beach and at the Russell Peterson Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington.

"Projects such as the installation of osprey nesting platforms demonstrate our commitment to protecting avian species," said John Allen, Delmarva Power Region Vice President. "Ospreys tend to return to their nests each year, so it is likely that the platforms will be used by the birds on a repetitive basis."

The public can observe the nesting platform in Wilmington from the decks of the Dupont Environmental Education Center located on the grounds of the wildlife refuge. The two new nesting platforms near Rehoboth Beach are visible from either the south side of the Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control campground or Coastal Highway south of the new Indian River Inlet bridge.

Osprey Facts
  • Ospreys feed on fish and other aquatic prey, which is why they are commonly referred to as fish hawks.
  • The birds mate for life with the male providing food for the entire flock while the chicks are maturing.
  • Ospreys migrate to South America during the winter and return to the Mid-Atlantic region in late March and early April of each year.
  • The osprey has been featured on more than 50 postage stamps and used as a brand name for various products and sports teams.

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