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For Immediate Release


whatever happens today

1)Access to streetlight application from a home page link

2)Customers required to input:

Name, street address , city, state, zip, email address, contact phone number (optional Pepco Account number) - à To submit an order.

3)Customers can come in as return user by entering email address to retrieve (2) -> display a list of confirmation numbers.

4)Ability to type in a street address/intersection and then get a map of surrounding area

5) Street lights will be identified with specific symbols on map, symbol will be green if light has not been already reported as out and red if light has already been reported as out

6) Ability to zoom in and out on map and move left, right, up and down

7) Ability to click on a light symbol and view information such as; pole # , light type and any service order status information. If light is not maintained by PHI, information on who to contact for maintenance is displayed

8) Ability to submit service order by clicking on a light symbol from map view, service order will be automatically processed and submitted to Advantex without manual intervention

9) Ability for customer to view feedback on web map view on status of service order. Such as, when order is closed or if parts need to be ordered or if additional field work is required.

10) Ability for customer to get list of lights reported and status by email address.

11) Ability to generate scheduled reports and adhoc reporting including individual order status inquiries.

12) Generate comment in CIS if customer account number is provided

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