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Delmarva Power Urges Energy Conservation Amid High Heat and Humidity Take Special Care with Elderly and Pets

NEWARK, Del. - Delmarva Power and PJM, the region's electricity grid operator, expect higher than usual demand for electricity this week due to the region's continuing hot, humid weather.

There are no power supply issues at this time, however Delmarva Power customers are asked to use electricity wisely to help prevent possible problems. Some options include:

• Set your air conditioners at 80 degrees or use fans, if health permits.

• Keep window shades, blinds, or drapes closed to block the sunlight during the hottest part of the day and retain cooler air inside your home or business.

• Limit the use of electrically heated water and turn off non-essential appliances and as many lights as possible.

• Do not open refrigerator or freezer doors

• Move lamps, TVs and other heat sources away from air conditioner thermostats. Heat from those appliances is sensed by the thermostat and could cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.

• Move furniture and other obstacles from in front of central air conditioning ducts to allow cooler air to circulate trough your rooms freely.

• Postpone using high-energy appliances like electric stoves, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers until the evening.

Following these guidelines to reduce the use of electricity will help avoid the possibility of electric power shortages.

Delmarva Power and PJM will keep you informed of the power situation throughout the day.

And remember: Extreme heat can be a danger to older people and those with medical conditions. Avoid heat stress by staying in cooled areas of your home, local shopping malls, libraries or public buildings as much as possible. Bathe or shower frequently for heat relief, and drink plenty of fluids.

Summer in this region means hot, humid weather, but with a few inexpensive tips you can be comfortable and help stretch your energy dollars too. For more energy saving tips, visit

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Refer to Delmarva Power's website ( for information on electrical safety, energy saving tips, bill payment options and power outage updates.

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