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Delmarva Power Introduces Its Energy Solutions Tool

Newark, DE -- Delmarva Power today launched its Energy Know How Solutions web-based tool to help customers analyze their bills, find out how they're using energy and then learn how to use less to save money.

"When we saw energy prices soaring across the country we started searching for ways to help our customers cope," said Delmarva Power Regional President Gary Stockbridge. "This tool we're debuting today gives customers what they need to take control of their bills," Stockbridge added.

The Energy Know How Solutions Tool provides the residential and small business customer with detailed information on their energy costs, including specific costs for appliances and equipment in their home and business. It provides customers with reasons why their bill may have changed from one month to the next, compares their energy costs to similar households and businesses in the area and provides sound advice on energy efficiency in order to save on their monthly bill.

The software chosen for Delmarva Power's Solutions program is Nexus ENERGY prism Web-based energy auditing and bill analysis system. The software is based on advanced models that use bill history as well as weather and customer-provided information to analyze customers' bills.

"We researched all of the web-based programs available, and this product is the best," said Energy Know How Solutions Program Manager Jim Cinelli. "This is a terrific product and Delmarva Power is the only Mid-Atlantic utility and one of only four utilities nationwide to invest in the entire collection of software tools available under ENERGYprism," said Cinelli.

Delmarva is committed to promoting the Energy Know How Solutions tool for use by all of its customers. The utility is working with social agencies and customer care representatives to help customers who may not have access to computers, to be able to have access to the same information.

"Pepco Holdings, Inc. has invested over $1 million in this Solutions tool. That investment further underscore's Delmarva Power's commitment to provide our customers with ways to reduce their energy usage and save money," said Stockbridge.

Customers can start using Energy Know How Solutions by logging on to Delmarva Power's website, . Customers will need their account number and the name on the account exactly as it is written on their bill.

"Customers will find themselves using Energy Know How Solutions often as they discover all the information available from the personalized recommendations on energy efficiency, to researching programs that might help them save even more," Stockbridge said.

Delmarva Power, a public utility owned by Pepco Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: POM), provides safe, reliable and affordable regulated electric and natural gas delivery services to more than 500,000 customers in Delaware, Maryland , and Virginia .

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