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Delmarva Power Promotes Safety With "Electrifying" Demonstration

Ocean City, Md. - Delmarva Power employees are using hot dogs this month to promote electrical safety. They're cooking - or rather overcooking - these franks with 7,200 volts of electricity during demonstrations coinciding with National Electrical Safety Month. The well-done dog is part of the company's Mobile Safety Awareness Trailer presentations.

Delmarva Power employees volunteer their time for presentations about the importance of electrical safety. The trailer includes power lines, poles, transformers and lights as well as metering and other safety equipment.

Many area builders, contractors, emergency services personnel and government employees were on hand at the Ocean City, Md., Volunteer Fire Department on Tuesday evening to watch the safety trailer demonstration. Approximately 500 people throughout the Delmarva Peninsula witness these demonstrations each year.

"Demonstrations like this are useful in helping people understand that electricity is not something we need to fear, but rather something we need to respect," said Larry Larimore, Delmarva Power safety supervisor. "The volunteers who work with this trailer want to educate as many people as possible about the potential for serious injury when someone is not careful around electricity."

"This program offers safety tips about electricity to help present possible injury to children and adults,' explained Vince Jacono, coordinator of Delmarva Power's Emergency Services Partnership Program. "The presentations include a description of our electrical equipment and hot it functions. We also have an interesting way to show people what electricity 'looks like' and what happens when the power goes out during a storm."

Delmarva Power employees showcase the company's safety equipment and relate some of their personal experiences during the safety presentations. If you are interested in a visit by the Delmarva Power Mobile Safety Awareness Trailer, contact Delmarva Power at 410-860-6046.


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