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Service Requests

New Business Portal
Planning a new construction project? You can submit your request for construction or remodeling related services and develop a smooth plan from start to finish using our portal. The New Business Portal is a free service available to those planning new construction projects, regardless of whether or not you’re a Delmarva customer or have registered for online access to your account, all you need is an email address to monitor your request’s progress.

Estimated time to complete:
5-10 minutes

Already have a new business portal account with Delmarva?

What type of service application would you like to submit?
Electric Service Application

​Fill out an application to request construction related services.

Switch to Gas (Residential)

Begin the process of converting to a cleaner, cheaper, more efficient product by filling out an application. Click here to fill out an application.

Switch to Gas (Business)

​Begin the process of converting to a cleaner, cheaper, more efficient product by filling out an application. Click here to fill out an application.

Gas Application (New Construction Only)

Fill out an application to request construction related services.

My Switch to Gas Form

If you live within our service territory (New Castle County, Del.) and want to switch to natural gas, please fill out this form.

Make Work Site Safe

Contact us if work is to be performed near overhead lines as they need to be de-energized and grounded.​

New or Upgrade Service

If there is no existing service for your home or business or you are upgrading the service, please fill out the application online n​​g the links below. 

To enter a new application by a contractor working on behalf of a customer:

Login (returning users ) to Contractor Requested Work Portal. 

Register  (new users) for a Contractor login. 

To enter a new application by an existing customer:

Login to My Account and click the "Requested Work" link under My Programs on the right-hand side of the page .   

Click here to view the different phrases associated with constructing or upgrading new service.​

If you prefer to print and then mail or fax the Delmarva Electric Service Application, click here.​ Mailing addresses based on district can be found at right.

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All work must comply with Delmarva Service Requirements. Before purchasing electrical equipment or proceeding with any wiring, information regarding service availability and meter location should be understood.

Christiana Di​strict

New Castle County, DE
Delmarva Power 
P.O. Box 9239 
Newark, DE 19714-9239 
Phone: (302) 454-4343 

Fax: (302) 454-4262 

North East District

Cecil & Harford Counties, MD
Delmarva Power 
North East Commerce r 
2 Center Drive 
North East, MD 21901 
Phone: 800-375-5619 

Fax: 410-287-7149 

Centreville District

Delmarva Power 
P.O. Box 159 
Centreville, MD 21617-0159 
Phone: 410-758-4102 

Fax: 410-758-4140

Millsboro District​

Delmarva Power 
P.O. Box 637 
Millsboro, DE 19966-0637 
Phone: 302-934-3357

Fax: 302-934-3306

Salisbury District

Delmarva Power 
P.O. Box 1739 
Salisbury, MD 21802-1739 
Phone: 410-860-6357

Fax: 410-860-6077

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