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Bill Payment Assistance


We want to share a few options that can help you minimize a seasonal spike in your electric utility bill. We can’t control the weather, but we can help you prepare and manage your energy bills through flexible payment options and assistance programs.

Our budget billing program helps you budget energy costs over time so that monthly bills are more predictable – even in cold winter or hot summer months when energy use naturally rises. To sign up for budget billing, please call 1-800-375-7117 to speak with a customer care representative or sign up online. We can also suggest other payment options or offer reasonable payment arrangements, if you qualify.

You can also use My Account to see how and when you’re using energy, get personalized tips for energy savings and calculate how much you can save by making specific improvements around your home.​​

Good Neighbor Energy Fund

Delmarva Power is committed to helping customers who are facing challenges with their electric bill.  We are proud to partner with the Salvation Army, a local 501(c)3 non-profit organizations who provides energy assistance benefits to customers in Delmarva Power's service territory in Delaware. 

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund is designed to help customers who are facing hardships.  You can help a Delmarva Power Delaware customer in need of assistance with their electric bill by contributing to the fund.  Delmarva Power will match customer contributions $1.00 for every $3.00 collected up to $70,000.

Want to contribute?

Delmarva Power Bill Pay

Whether you receive your bill electronically or through the mail, you can pay exactly $1.00 over your Delmarva Power bill amount and that dollar will be contributed to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund.  The amount you contribute must be exactly $1.00 over your billed amount; amounts over $1.00 will not be recognized as a contribution and will result in a credit to your account. 

You can make a $1.00 contribution each time you pay your Delmarva Power bill.

Each time you make a $1.00 contribution, the amount will be reflected on your Delmarva Power bill summary the following month.

Contact the Administering Partner Directly: 

You can also make a donation in any amount you choose and as often as you'd like by contacting the one of the partner agencies directly: 

The Salvation Army
P.O. Box 308
Wilmington, DE 19899-0308
For more information, call (302) 472-0750

Thank you for partnering with Delmarva Power and supporting the Good Neighbor Energy Fund!  Together we can make a difference.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)/ Delaware Energy Assistance Program (DEAP)

This program provides assistance to income eligible families to help them meet their home energy needs.​

Delaware Energy Assistance Program (DEAP)

DEAP has several components which include:

  • Fuel Assistance: Help with home energy bills from the period of October 1 - April 30. This includes grants to income eligible households to help pay for home heating, which includes electricity, natural gas, kerosene, propane, coal, or wood. Grants are made to both homeowners and renters
  • Crisis Assistance: This component helps households in crisis during the winter months and may be in the form of a supplemental grant to their fuel assistance benefit. In addition to being income eligible, households must show they are experiencing a crisis (i.e., shut-off notice, out of fuel, no money to pay for fuel)
  • Summer Cooling Assistance Program (SCAP): This program operates during the months of May-August and helps pay for electricity to cool homes with air conditioning during the hot, humid summer months. In addition to receiving a grant to offset the high costs of electricity to air condition a home, some populations may be eligible to receive a room sized air conditioning unit

Contact Catholic Charities to find out where and how to apply for assistance:

Kent County: 302-674-1782
New Castle County: 302-654-9295
Sussex County: 302-856-6310

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Weatherization Assistance Program

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