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Class Load Profile Information

​​​​Delmarva Power's Delaware Load Profiles for each rate schedule are derived via one of two methods:
  • where customer hourly-load data is available, the profiles are based on the actual weighted average of the profiled customers in that class
  • where customer load data is not available, the profiles are simulated based on historic data and actual weather.

Refer to the Supplier Operating Manual posted on this site to see how the profiles are used in the calculation of Capacity and Transmission PLC Tickets and Energy Settlement.

Each row begins with the profile name and date followed by the 24 hourly values. The hours correspond to Eastern Standard Time where Daylight Savings time is recognized.

Daylight Savings time is recognized and handled in the following manner.

  • On the 23-hour day each Spring, the "missing" third hour contains the value of "0.00" to hold the space so that the fourth hour on that day represents the hour ending 0400 DST and so forth.
  • On the 25-hour day each Autumn, the second hour contains the sum of the two demands at the hour ending at 0200. This value may be divided in two to produce the average for "2 o'clock" at the end of DST.

The following table provides an index for each of the Profile Ids to the profile used and applicable voltage codes. For further information about Delmarva Power's profiling methodology, please refer to the Supplier Operating Manual currently posted on this site.

Rate Class DescriptionLDC Rate ClassProfile CodeVoltage Code
Residential ServiceDDRS_RS, DDRS_RTNDDEDRS1
Residential HeatingDDRS_RHDEDRH1
Medium General Service - SecondaryDDEG_MGSS, DDEG_UMGSSDEDGD1
Large General ServiceDDEB_LGSSDEDGL1
General Service, PrimaryDDEB_GSPDEDGP2
General Service - TransmissionDDEB_GSTDEDGT3

Note: Individually profiled customers have interval-billing meters providing actual hourly loads for retail settlement. The following table provides a description of each voltage code and its associated loss factor used in settlement calculations.

Loss Factors

Energy - For Hourly Energy ObligationsVoltage CodeEffective 6/1/2014
Demand - For Peak Load CalculationsVoltage CodeEffective 6/1/2014
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