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2012 News Releases

Date Content
12/18/2012 Adjustment in Delmarva Delivery Rates Approved
12/7/2012 Delmarva Power Seeks Adjustment in Delaware Natural Gas Delivery Rates
11/26/2012 Delmarva Power Kicks Off Annual 'Gift of Energy' Program
11/13/2012 Delmarva Power Donates Smoke Alarms to Fire Officials
11/9/2012 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers to Put Safety First During Autumn Cleanup Activities
11/8/2012 Delmarva Challenges Customers to Save Energy for Schools
11/8/2012 Stephen Decatur High School Wins Mathematics Competition
11/7/2012 Delmarva Power Extends Free Tree Program for Customers
11/5/2012 Delmarva Power to Host Community Meeting to Discuss Infrastructure Project in Ocean City
11/5/2012 Delmarva Power Natural Gas Supply Rates Decreased Nov. 1
11/5/2012 Delmarva Power Offers Mini-Grants to Area Teachers
11/2/2012 Delmarva Power Restores Power to All Customers Affected by Hurricane Sandy
11/1/2012 Delmarva Power Partners with Red Cross
10/31/2012 Delmarva Power Restores Electric Service to Majority of Customers Impacted by Hurricane Sandy
10/30/2012 Delmarva Power Makes Considerable Progress With Restoration Effort
10/29/2012 Delmarva Power Stresses the Importance of Natural Gas Storm Safety
10/29/2012 Delmarva Power Mobilizes Nearly 2,000 Employees and Contractors
10/28/2012 Delmarva Power Commits All Its Resources to Hurricane Sandy
10/27/2012 Delmarva Power Prepares for Potentially Devastating Hurricane and Extensive Outages That Could Take Multiple Days to Restore
10/26/2012 Delmarva Power Preparing for Potentially Devastating Hurricane
10/10/2012 Utility-sponsored Summit Addresses Energy Assistance Issues
10/3/2012 Delmarva Power Issues RFP for Wholesale Electric Power for Delaware Customers
10/1/2012 Delmarva Power Offering Free Trees to Customers
9/26/2012 Empty Nest, Empty Refrigerator
9/18/2012 Delmarva Power Prepares for Storms
9/4/2012 Delmarva Power Seeks Natural Gas Rate Decrease This Winter
8/22/2012 Delmarva Power Supports 2012 Coastal Cleanup
8/10/2012 Delmarva Power Reminds You to Call 8-1-1 Before Digging
7/24/2012 Maryland PSC Allows Adjustment in Delmarva Power Delivery Rates
7/24/2012 Delmarva Power Prepares for Possible Severe Thunderstorms
7/18/2012 PJM Requires Delmarva Power to Conserve Customers’ Energy
7/18/2012 Delmarva Power Prepared for Possible Severe Thunderstorms
7/17/2012 Conservation Event Called for Energy Wise Rewards Customers in Maryland
7/7/2012 Delmarva Power Monitors the Weekend Forecast and Prepares for Potential Severe Weather
7/5/2012 Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Conserve Energy
7/4/2012 Delmarva Power Restores Service to All Customers Affected by Last Weekend’s Violent Wind Storm
7/2/2012 Delmarva Power Nearly Completes Restoring Service Following Destructive 'Derecho'
6/30/2012 Violent Wind Storm Leaves 84,000 Delmarva Power Customers Without Power
6/30/2012 Delmarva Power Continues Restoration Effort
6/29/2012 Delmarva Power Launches Combined Heat and Power Program
6/23/2012 Delmarva Power Continues Restoration Effort
6/23/2012 Delmarva Power Restoration Crews Continue to Bring Power Back
6/20/2012 Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Conserve Energy
6/20/2012 Conservation Event Called for Energy Wise Rewards Customers in Maryland
6/13/2012 Delmarva Power Urges Preparedness for Summer Storms
6/5/2012 Delmarva Power to Test Energy Wise Rewards Program on Thursday
6/4/2012 Community Meeting Scheduled for Transmission Line Project
6/1/2012 Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Prepare for Storms
5/30/2012 Delmarva Power’s Appliance Recycling Program Offers $50 Reward
5/14/2012 Delmarva Power Electrical Work Will Result in I-95 Lane Closures
5/3/2012 Delmarva Power Awards over $9,000 in Grants to Teachers
5/1/2012 Delmarva Power to Enhance Reliability with Transmission Upgrade Project
4/3/2012 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers to Call 811 Before Digging
4/2/2012 Delmarva Power Doing its Part to Protect Ospreys
2/17/2012 Delmarva Power Prepares for Weekend Wintry Mix
2/14/2012 Delmarva Power Expands Appliance Rebate Program in Maryland
2/14/2012 Delmarva Power Enhances Reliability in Southern New Castle County
2/10/2012 Delmarva Power Prepared for Weekend Wintry Mix
2/9/2012 PHI Names Robert Collacchi to Lead Delmarva Power Gas Division
2/2/2012 Delmarva Power Encourages Customers to Support Good Neighbor Energy Fund this Winter Heating Season
1/23/2012 Land-Based Wind Farm Producing for PHI Subsidiary
1/20/2012 Delmarva Power Prepared for Wintry Mix
1/5/2012 Delmarva Power to Enhance Reliability on Upper Eastern Shore