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2010 News Releases

Date Content
12/25/2010 Delmarva Power Prepares for Holiday Weekend Winter Storm
12/21/2010 Delmarva Power Files for Adjustment in Maryland Delivery Rates
12/20/2010 Gas Communications Devices Meet Delmarva Power’s Stringent Standards
12/16/2010 Delmarva Power Begins Removal of Gas Communications Devices
12/14/2010 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers to Decorate Safely
12/13/2010 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers of Available Funds
12/1/2010 Delmarva Power Kicks Off Annual ‘Gift of Energy’ Program
11/10/2010 Broadwater Academy Wins Mathematics Competition
11/9/2010 Delmarva Power Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Safety Program
10/27/2010 Delmarva Power Offers Mini-Grants to Area Teachers
10/21/2010 Coastal Cleanup Nets Approximately 19,000 Pounds of Trash
10/15/2010 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers to Put Safety First During Autumn Cleanup Activities
10/14/2010 Delmarva Power Program Celebrates 10 Years
10/6/2010 Delmarva Power Issues RFP for Wholesale Electric Power for Delaware Customers
10/6/2010 Pepco Holdings, Inc., Holds Low-Income Energy Assistance Summit
9/29/2010 Delmarva Power Prepares for Tropical Storm Nicole
9/7/2010 Delaware PSC Approves Delmarva Power’s Dover SUN Park Contracts
9/2/2010 Delmarva Power Prepares to Respond to Hurricane Earl
9/1/2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season in Full Swing
8/31/2010 Delmarva Power Seeks Annual Natural Gas Cost Rate Adjustment
8/19/2010 Delmarva Power Supports 2010 Coastal Cleanup
8/16/2010 PJM Reaffirms Need for MAPP
8/3/2010 Record-Breaking Temperatures Result in Increased Electricity Use
8/3/2010 Delmarva Power, NRG Bluewater Wind Agree to Contract Extensions
7/7/2010 Delmarva Power Asks Customers to Conserve Electricity
7/2/2010 Delmarva Power Files for Adjustment in Gas Delivery Rates
6/29/2010 Delmarva Power, Local 1238 Reach New Contract
6/24/2010 Delmarva Power Reminds Boaters to be Safe
6/23/2010 Delmarva Power Asks Customers to be Safe as Hot Weather Continues
6/18/2010 Delmarva Power to Deliver Safe, Reliable Service During Strike
6/16/2010 Delmarva Power to Maintain Service if Union Strikes
6/15/2010 Partnerships Forging for Delmarva Peninsula’s First Solar Park
6/1/2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts Today, Time to
5/28/2010 Delmarva Power Offers Ways to Save on Summer Energy Bills
5/6/2010 Delmarva Power Seeks to Reward Customers
5/5/2010 Delmarva Power Proposes Choptank Route for MAPP Project
5/4/2010 May is National Electrical Safety Month
4/23/2010 Arbor Day Foundation Honors Delmarva Power
4/22/2010 Delmarva Power Expands Appliance Rebate Program
4/16/2010 Delmarva Power and State Agree on Distribution Rate Decoupling Plan
4/15/2010 Delmarva Power to Participate in Earth Day Celebration at Salisbury Zoo
4/12/2010 Delmarva Power Recommends Surge Protection for Home Electronic Equipment
4/8/2010 PHI Receives $4.4 Million Federal Job Training Grant
4/7/2010 PHI & DOE Sign Agreement for $168.1 Million in Smart Grid Grants
3/31/2010 Delmarva Power Offers Customers New Home Energy Savings Program Options
3/29/2010 Delmarva Power Awards Over $10,000 in Grants to Teachers
3/25/2010 Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Be Safe This Spring
3/24/2010 Delmarva Power Launches LED Streetlight Pilot Project
3/19/2010 Delmarva Power To Implement Electric Delivery Rate Increase in Delaware
2/24/2010 Delmarva Power Readies for Windy Winter Blast
2/11/2010 Delmarva Power Continues Restoration Effort from Brutal Winter Storms
2/10/2010 Delmarva Power Urges Gas Customers to Use Caution When Clearing Snow from Gas Equipment
2/10/2010 Delmarva Power Copes with Another Storm
2/9/2010 Delmarva Power Eyes New Storm
2/8/2010 Delmarva Power Crews Are Making Progress
2/7/2010 Delmarva Power Continues to Work to Restore Service in Wake of Winter Storm
2/6/2010 Delmarva Power Urges Gas Customers to Use Caution
2/6/2010 Delmarva Power's Top Restoration Priority is Public Health and Safety
2/5/2010 Delmarva Power Stresses Safety During the Storm
2/4/2010 Delmarva Power Prepares for Yet Another Weekend Winter Blast
2/4/2010 Delmarva Power Prepares for Yet Another Weekend Winter Blast
2/3/2010 Delmarva Power Announces Rate Decreases for Maryland Customers
2/3/2010 Delmarva Power Announces Rate Decreases for Maryland Customers
1/26/2010 Delmarva Power Reminds Eligible Customers to Call for Energy Assistance, Payment Arrangements
1/15/2010 Pepco Holdings Donates $50,000 to Haitian Relief
1/14/2010 PHI Granted Procedural Delay for MAPP Project
1/13/2010 Rate Adjustment to Impact Delmarva Power Customers
1/8/2010 PHI Requests Procedural Delay for MAPP Project