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Archived 2006 News Releases

Date Content
12/27/2006 Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Plan Ahead
12/20/2006 Delmarva Power Vice President Graduates from “Leadership Maryland” Program
12/11/2006 Delmarva Power Customers Can Give the Gift of Heat
12/8/2006 Delmarva Power Issues RFP for Wholesale Electric Power for Maryland Customers
12/7/2006 Go Ahead, Deck the Halls
12/4/2006 As Required by Legislation, Delmarva Power Files Plan to Address Its Customers Long-Term Energy Needs
11/28/2006 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers to Stay Safe While Decorating For the Holidays
11/17/2006 Delmarva Power Seeks Change in Maryland Delivery Rates
11/8/2006 Area High School Students Participate in Mathematics Competition
11/1/2006 Delmarva Power Issues RFP
10/26/2006 Delmarva Power Donates Special Needs Smoke Alarms To Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office
10/23/2006 Delmarva Power and Maryland Fire Service Team Up for Safety : Delmarva Power Supports Fire Safety Programs in Three States
10/17/2006 Delmarva Power to Issue RFP for Wholesale Electric Power for Delaware Customers
10/12/2006 Delmarva Power, Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse and Wilmington Fire Department Team Up for Fire Safety
10/4/2006 Delmarva Power Hosts Low-Income Summit
9/20/2006 United Way of Cecil County Recognizes Delmarva Power Utility Noted for Outstanding Service
8/31/2006 Delmarva Power Proposes Small Decrease in Natural Gas Rates : Delmarva Power Files Cost Rate Adjustment and Base Rate Case
8/31/2006 Stay Safe During Heavy Rainstorms, Flooding
8/25/2006 Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Check for Proper Identification
8/24/2006 Delmarva Power Supports 2006 Coastal Cleanup
8/3/2006 Delmarva Power Customers Set New Peak Demand for Power 2nd Day in a Row
8/2/2006 Delmarva Power Customers Set New Peak Demand for Power
8/1/2006 Extreme Heat Prompts Mid-Atlantic Utilities to Urge Conservation
7/31/2006 Delmarva Power Reminds Customers High Temperatures Cause Outages
7/17/2006 Extreme Heat Prompts Mid-Atlantic Utilities to Urge Conservation
6/28/2006 Delmarva Power Makes Donation to Help Flood Victims
6/26/2006 Delmarva Power: Stay Safe During Heavy Rainstorms, Flooding
6/21/2006 Electric rates to decrease for average Delmarva Power customer in Delaware : Transmission, Distribution charges to drop slightly, officials say
6/21/2006 Delmarva Power Introduces Its Energy Solutions Tool
6/14/2006 Delmarva Power Extends Maryland Residential Rate Increase Phase-In Enrollment to July 15
5/23/2006 Delmarva Power Promotes Safety With “Electrifying” Demonstration
5/19/2006 Delmarva Power Urges Emergency Preparedness Hurricane Preparedness Week May 21-27
5/9/2006 Delmarva Power Emergency Services Partnership Program Supports Public Safety
5/3/2006 May is Electrical Safety Month in Delaware;Delmarva Power Urges Customers to Learn What to Do to Avoid Becoming a Statistic
4/25/2006 Delmarva Power Announces Pilot Program, Scholarships Available to High School Seniors
4/25/2006 Delmarva Power Extends Deadline for Deferral Plan : Customers Will Have Beyond April 28th to Decide How to Pay for Higher Electric Rates
4/17/2006 Call Before You Dig, Urges Delmarva Power:And then, Dig Carefully
4/11/2006 Delmarva Power Customers Have Until April 28 to “Opt Out” of the Delaware Rate Increase Deferral Plan
3/15/2006 Delmarva Power Files Phase-In Proposal with Delaware PSC
3/14/2006 Delmarva Power Proposes Rate Stabilization Plan for Maryland Residential Customers
3/13/2006 Delmarva Power Announces Proposed New Rates for Virginia Customers
3/7/2006 Delmarva Power Announces Proposed New Rates for Maryland Customers
2/28/2006 Delmarva Power Proposes Plans to Ease the Impact of Higher Energy Prices in Delaware
2/2/2006 Delmarva Power Announces Results of Bidding For Delaware Standard Offer Service
1/20/2006 Delmarva Power Offers Money-Saving Weatherization Advice to Low-Income residents
1/18/2006 Delmarva Power, its Customers and the Salvation Army Partner to Help Customers Deal with Higher Energy Bills
1/17/2006 Delmarva Power Launches New “Energy Know How” Campaign
1/13/2006 Delmarva Power Launches New “Energy Know How” Campaign:Week Long Series of Events Stress Ways to Save Energy and Money
1/5/2006 An Increasing Number of Delmarva Power Customers Opt for Budget Billing to help Cope with Higher Energy Prices