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Community and Environment

Vegetation Management

Vegetation management can be challenging, but it is essential to meeting our commitment to provide safe and reliable electric service. We realize how important trees are to the beauty and environmental health of our area. We work hard to maintain a balance between aesthetics and maintaining electric reliability.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized Delmarva six years in a row as a utility that demonstrates practices that protect and enhance America's urban forests.

Both the Delaware and Maryland Public Service Commissions require that Delmarva deliver safe and reliable electric service. That means we must keep trees pruned a safe distance from power lines because many power outages are caused when tree branches fall onto power lines.


Utility TruckPruning trees is one of the key activities that allows us to improve reliability - and it is a vital activity that directly affects public safety! Tree problems can easily cause power outages. Keeping trees properly pruned also minimizes the possibility of electrical contact, downed wires, and electrical fires, in addition to damaging or killing healthy trees.
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Our tree management program includes routine pruning, storm hardening, maintenance and rights-of-way work. The work Delmarva's licensed, professional foresters and contract tree pruning experts do is for public safety and the safety and health of the trees.