• Emergency Medical Equipment Notification Program

  • For customers who rely on electricity to power life-support equipment in their homes, we offer the Emergency Medical Equipment Notification Program. Once you are enrolled, we will provide you with:

    • Notification of scheduled outages in your area
    • Notification of severe storms, such as hurricane warnings, that could lead to extended outages on our electric system
    • An information package sent annually to help you prepare for emergencies. 

    Because customers who depend on life-support equipment are located throughout our service area, it is not possible to provide restoration priority to individual customers when there are extensive power outages. It is the customer's responsibility to make appropriate arrangements in case restoration is delayed.

    Program participants must have certification from a licensed physician that a medical need exists.

    If you have life support equipment in your home, you and your physician must complete the required information on the appropriate certification form and fax or mail it to our Customer Credit Department. If you are a Delaware resident, see the DE certification form. If you are a Maryland resident, see the MD certification form. The fax number for submitting your completed certification form is 1-800-461-9737, or you may send us the form through:

    Mailing Address

    Delmarva Power
    5 Collins Dr, Ste 2133
    Carneys Point, NJ 08069

    Customers on Life-Support Equipment

    Because customers who use life-support equipment are spread throughout all parts of our service area, we cannot provide restoration priority to these customers during extensive power outages. However, prior to a major storm or similar event, we will make special efforts to communicate that outages are possible.

    It is important that customers who use life-support equipment or their caregivers take responsibility to make arrangements ahead of time to prepare for potentially long-lasting interruptions in service. You may want to ask a relative or friend who has power if you can stay with them. Another option is to research whether or not a portable generator is appropriate for your situation. Customers who experience medical distress due to a power outage should seek medical assistance.