• Understanding Your Bill


    If you have any questions regarding your bill, your amount of usage, rates or collection procedures, or if we may help you in any other way, contact Customer Services at 1-800-375-7117.

    Customers may have questions about their electric bill that may need further investigation. These may include:

    • Initial Bill Inquiries - customers beginning new service and have a question about the first bill they receive.
    • Final Bill Inquiries - customers who have recently closed out the electric service account and have questions related to the amount of the Final Bill.
    • High Bill Inquiries - customers who feel their consumption and/or bill amount is too high.
    • Rate Inquiries - customers who want to know whether they are being billed under the correct rate schedule.

    To initiate an investigation in one of these areas, simply fill in the necessary information on the form below. Be sure to give a detailed explanation of the problem. Once you have completed the on-line form, simply press the SUBMIT button. You will receive written confirmation of your investigation in a few days.

    Online Form