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  • Energy management tools can help you take control of your energy use. My Account offers information that can help you save money and energy on your monthly gas bill.  

    Save Money and Energy with Online Energy Management Tools on My Account

    My Account is your resource for managing your gas use and your Delmarva Power bill. On My Account, you will find energy management tools that provide customized energy use information to help you understand how you use gas as well as ways to lower your monthly bill.

    My Account can help you:

    • Learn how you’re using energy with easy-to-read charts so you can make small changes around your home and see the savings on your bill
    • Lower your energy use and costs by viewing when you use the most gas by day or week
    • Manage your budget when you look at your projected monthly energy cost at any time during the bill cycle
    • Identify benefits of making energy efficient improvements with an online energy calculator

    Here is a snapshot of what you will see on My Account:

    My Account Gas

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