• Green Power Connection™

  • In an effort to preserve the environment, some of our customers are considering generating their own electricity using “green” (or renewable) resources, such as solar and wind.

    We offer customers Green Power Connection™.  This enables customers to install renewable-powered generators and then sell unused power back to the power grid.  Here’s how it works: 

    Customer Scenario

    On days when you produce more energy than you need, your electric meter runs in reverse, reflecting the energy you’re sending back to the regional power grid.  In cases when you need to draw energy from the grid, your meter runs as it normally would.

    Your monthly bill will include the standard customer charges. However, in the energy supply portion of the bill, you will be charged for the “net” amount of energy used. That means we first subtract the kilowatt-hours of electricity produced from the amount you used – resulting in lower energy costs for you. 

    Application Process

    Customers who install renewable energy sources must first submit an application to link their system to ours. This is done to ensure safety and compatibility with our electrical system.  If you’re interested in generating your own electricity, here are some helpful hints to get you started:
    • Research the types of systems available to you. Customers should know that their renewable energy-generating system can be sized to meet all, or part, of their overall energy needs
    • Once your research is finalized, decide which type of system is best suited to meet your energy needs
    • Interview and select a reputable installing contractor, who will typically handle the application process, any rebate forms, permits, inspections, etc.
    • Keep in mind that Delmarva Power does not sell or install renewable generation systems. If you decide to install a solar unit, for example, please follow the application process to facilitate review and acceptance of your application prior to installation and operation

    Please feel free to call us with any additional questions and we will try to help you through the process. 

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    Visit the following web sites for more information.  These sites have helpful information pertaining to grants, eligibility and federal and state tax incentives.

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