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  • Peak Energy Savings Credit

  • What is the Peak Energy Savings Credit (PESC)?

    The Peak Energy Savings Credit is designed to help you reduce your small business energy use when demand for electricity is at its highest. We made it rewarding for customers like you by offering credits off your bill when you reduce your energy use at work during Peak Savings Days. Reducing your energy use is also rewarding for the environment, because lowering the demand for energy helps to conserve resources. 


    Do I have to enroll my small business in the Peak Energy Savings Credit? How do we hear about a Peak Savings Day?

    No enrollment is needed. You can decide to reduce your energy use for a particular Peak Savings Day– and signing up is not necessary. There is no penalty if you choose not to participate. You will receive a phone call the day before an event with specific hours to save energy. You can also choose to be notified by email, text message or an alternative phone number. To set your preferences, log in to My Account or call 1-855-750-PEAK. You may select up to two notification preferences. Signing up is not necessary.


    How do I earn a credit off my small business bill with the Peak Energy Savings Credit?

    You'll receive a credit of $1.25 off your bill for every kilowatt hour (kWh) you reduce your energy use below your baseline on Peak Savings Days. The more you reduce your business’ energy use below your baseline during a Peak Savings Day, the larger your credit will be. You can see your preliminary credit amount by logging on to My Account or view the credit on your next monthly bill.


    How is my baseline determined?

    The baseline is an average of the three days with your highest energy use during the prior 30-day period. This excludes the day prior to a Peak Savings Day, previous Peak Savings Days, weekends and holidays. Your small business energy use can change daily, so you'll have a specific baseline for each Peak Savings Day. 


    How much money can I save with the Peak Energy Savings Credit?

    The amount that you save depends on how much you are able to reduce your energy use below your baseline on a Peak Savings Day. Your baseline is the energy use level you need to be under during a Peak Savings Day to be eligible for a credit off your bill. 


    When do Peak Savings Days occur?

    Peak Savings Days will most likely occur on those hot summer days when air conditioners are running constantly, which usually results in higher (or "peak") demand for electricity. You will most likely have several opportunities to save on Peak Savings Days depending on how many very hot days we experience this summer. Peak Savings Days typically occur between noon and 8:00 p.m., and usually last a few hours. 


    How can I reduce the amount of energy I use?

    That's as simple as turning off lights, waiting to run large machines, powering down equipment that is not in use or setting the temperature on your air conditioner a few degrees higher, but be sure to stay comfortable. Avoid using appliances such as dishwashers, electric stoves, televisions or washing machines. Closing blinds and drapes can also help to keep the warm sunlight out and the cool air in your small business. Unplug unnecessary electronics, which can use electricity even when they are not turned on. To learn more about how to save, view our energy-saving tips here.


    What if I don't reduce my energy use?

    We understand that there may be days when you may not want to reduce your electric use, such as when you have visitors. There is no downside to the Peak Energy Savings Credit. If you don't reduce your energy use during a Peak Savings Day, there is no penalty of any kind. 


    Where can I view my Peak Energy Savings Credit bill credit?

    Log on to My Account after a Peak Savings Day to view your credit online. Your credit will also appear on your next bill.


    What if my small business is not enrolled in My Account? Can I still participate in the Peak Energy Savings Credit?

    While you don't have to sign up for My Account, using it brings many benefits. You can see your daily energy use and your projected bill as of a specific date and use calculators to learn how to save money and energy. For access to your detailed energy use, baseline and credit information, call us at 1-855-750-PEAK. You will also be able to see your credit on your monthly bill. 


    I'd like to reduce my small business energy use, but what if I or the employees are sensitive to temperature changes? How can we participate?

    On Peak Savings Days, you can decide how you want to reduce your energy use. If you or your employees are sensitive to temperature changes, remain comfortable when you reduce your energy use. There are many other ways to reduce energy to save money during a Peak Savings Day, such as waiting to run machines, turning off lights, closing blinds and turning off unused electronics. To learn more about how to save, view our energy-saving tips here.