• My Switch to Gas

  • It just got easier and more affordable for you to switch to natural gas heat for your home.

    Here's why you should consider a switch:

    • Natural gas is more affordable than heating oil or propane
    • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel
    • Natural gas is safe and reliable
    • Natural gas is primarily domestic and highly efficient
    • Natural gas is convenient. It is piped directly to your home - no storage tanks, no truck deliveries
    • Natural gas has multiple uses, including heating, cooking, grilling, water heating, so you can take advantage of its affordability throughout your home
    • Delmarva Power provides free installation of a service line within 100 feet of gas main pipeline

    Natural gas prices have hit a 10-year low during the past five years, and the outlook is for prices to remain low, particularly when compared to other fuel sources, due to its growing supply.

    Compare Winter Heating Costs

    Winter Heating Season   Heating Oil   Natural Gas   Electric  Propane 
    2010-11 $2,298 $724 $946 $1,350
    2011-12 $2,087 $608 $902 $1,260
    2012-13 $2,442 $657 $939 $1,417
    2013-14 $2,393 $742 $958 $1,444
    Source: Prices based on Short Term Outlook, Energy Information Adm & State LIHEAP Surveys. The heating season price comparison is Oct.-March.

    Compare your home's heating costs using our Switch to Gas Calculator and find out how much you could possibly save by switching to natural gas.

    So, how do you learn more about switching to natural gas?

    If you live within our service territory (New Castle County, Del.) and want to switch to natural gas, please fill out this customer contact form, including the validation image and click "submit." We will let you know what, if any, costs there would be to bring natural gas directly to your home. You may also call us regarding your switch to natural gas at

    For more information on switching to natural gas, read our Frequently Asked Questions.