• Standard Offer Service

  • We are required to buy electricity for customers who do not choose an alternative electricity supplier. Customers are charged for electricity - called Standard Offer Service (SOS) - under rates approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission. Under a settlement with the Commission, Delmarva Power began offering SOS supply at market-based rates in Maryland on June 1, 2004.

      Each year in June and October, supply rates are adjusted to reflect the cost of power that Delmarva Power buys on behalf of its customers who do not contract with an alternative supplier.

      For Maryland small commercial customers, the new summer SOS rate will decrease the average monthly summer bill by about $12.00 beginning June 1, 2016. Also, in October when the new winter SOS rates take effect in Maryland, the average monthly bill will decrease by about $23.00. Combined, the new summer and winter supply rates for Maryland will decrease the annual average monthly bill by about $19.00. For the average Maryland small commercial customer this would result in a decrease of about 5.0 percent.