• Wind REC Procurement

  • Delmarva Power & Light Company (“Delmarva Power”) is issuing a Request For Proposals (“RFP”) for Wind Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) to serve its customers in the State of Delaware. Delmarva Power intends to use the acquired RECs in accordance with the Delaware Electric Utility Retail Customer Supply Act of 2006, the Delaware Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2005, 26 Del. C. 352 and the Delaware Public Service Commission Rules and Procedures to Implement the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard at the lowest cost available and under a payment structure that maximizes price stability for its customers. Through the RFP solicitation, Delmarva Power is seeking RECs on commercially reasonable terms from one or more renewable generating facilities with an aggregate capacity of up to 40 MW (nameplate) beginning in the compliance years 2017-2018 for a term of 10 to 15 years.

    Delmarva Power will evaluate Proposals from bidder based on the factors outlined in the RFP. Delmarva Power’s acceptance of any Proposal submitted will be subject to agreement on the terms of a definitive Environmental Attributes Purchase Agreement ("EAPA") and approval of such EAPA by the Delaware Public Service Commission.

    Bidders interested in participating can download the RFP and EAPA provided below and certain Attachments as required by the RFP for bidder completion and submission: