• About Smart Meters

  • Smart meters are a central part of our commitment to improving energy efficiency, reliability and customer service. By installing smart meters across our service territory, we upgraded the electric grid and enabled automated systems that can help reduce the frequency and length of electric outages. Smart meter technology also offers a platform for us to provide you with future energy and cost saving programs and energy management applications.

    We want to help you take control of the energy you use at your business. We are continuing to install smart meters in small businesses across our service territory that provide you with detailed energy information that can help you review your electric and gas use and help all of us meet our energy reduction goals. Smart meters are part of a program to upgrade the electric grid and enhance reliability in our region. Smart meters are also a key component in enabling automated systems that can help reduce the frequency and length of electric outages.

    Energy information from your smart meter can help you make decisions about your energy use and help you find ways to save. Visit My Account to view customizable energy-use graphs and our “Bill to Date” chart which shows your projected bill at any time during the month.


    Smart meters provide several benefits for customers including:

    Detailed Energy Use Information 

    • You can access information about your energy use such as what days of the week and times of day you use the most energy on My Account. This can help you identify changes you can make to increase your energy efficiency.
    • You can also view your current and projected monthly bill which can help you maintain your budget and control your energy costs.

    Opportunities to Save Money

    • With access to detailed data, smart meters give you the power to review and evaluate your energy use.

    Outage Detection

    • Smart meters provide remote outage detection if an electric outage occurs.

    Improved Customer Service

    • Our representatives are equipped to answer specific questions about your businesses energy use, should you ever want to contact us for assistance.

    Environmental Benefits

    • Remote meter reading reduces the number of vehicles and trucks we have on the roads, which in turn helps reduce carbon emissions.
    • Smart meters are the key to greater energy efficiency, reducing the need to build power plants and decreasing use of older, less efficient power plants that typically have higher greenhouse gas and other air emissions.

    Additional Resources: 

    For more information, visit the websites below:

    • Visit our Community Commitment page to learn more about how smart meters are part of our commitment to energy efficiency and customer service