• Report a Natural Gas Leak


    Call us at 302-454-0317 (New Castle County Only).

    Because natural gas is colorless and odorless, a harmless but strong-smelling ingredient called "mercaptan" has been added to draw attention to any leak that might occur. If you smell this strong odor in your home or business, or you have other reason to suspect a natural gas leak, take action right away:

    • Immediately extinguish all open flames, such as candles, cigarettes, kerosene lamps and heaters 
    • Alert everyone in the area of the potential danger and evacuate the area 
    • Do not touch any light switches, do not use the phone, and do not use a flashlight as you leave. Avoid any actions that could cause a spark 
    • Move a safe distance away from the area and call your natural gas delivery company, or call 911 to report the location of the natural gas odor. (Our natural gas customers should call 302-454-0317) 
    • Stay away from the area until trained professionals arrive to make it safe 
    • Never try to fix a leaking natural gas pipeline or extinguish a natural gas fire