• Natural Gas

  • We serve more than 127,000 homes and businesses in the regulated natural gas market in New Castle County, Delaware. An ongoing commitment to meeting the energy needs of our customers has resulted in a solid history of providing safe, reliable and affordable energy.

    We have over 3,300 miles of natural gas pipelines in our service territory. These pipelines are essential for providing natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

    Buried, unmarked utilities, including natural gas pipelines, exist in the majority of urban and suburban streets and properties. In more rural areas, look for yellow, black and red warning signs that are posted along rural pipeline right-of-ways. These markers include vital information about the type of pipeline and the specific hazards in that area. While the markers on rural pipeline right-of-ways are helpful indicators, they do not mark the exact location or depth of the pipeline.

    Delaware Law requires everyone who plans to dig in Delaware to notify Miss Utility of Delaware at least two working days before digging so that utility companies can identify and mark the location of their underground lines and equipment. Excavation must be carried out prudently and carefully, taking all reasonable steps necessary to protect utilities, workers, and the public. To contact Miss Utility of Delaware, call 811.

    In order to ensure the safety, integrity and efficiency of the our gas transmission system, we have developed a Pipeline Integrity Management Program. For more information about Pipeline Integrity Management, call 302-429-3315.  A list of United States pipelines, including a directory that identifies pipeline operators in specific areas, can be found on the web site of the Department of Transportation’s National Pipeline Mapping System at www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov.