• Press Kit

  • Safety First

    We have provided important safety tips for on-site news media:

    • Stay close to and follow the instructions of the Pepco employee who is serving as your on-site liaison.
    • Wear personal protective equipment as instructed by the on-site liaison.
    • Stay outside of work zones and remain a safe distance away designated by the on-site liaison.
    • Never go near or touch a downed wire, it is best to always assume that it is live. Touching a live line could result in serious injury or death.
    • Please do not touch anything that is in contact with a downed wire, such as branches or other protruding items. They can serve as electrical conductors.
    • Please do not make assumptions.  If you are not sure about something, ask your on-site liaison.   
    • If you see a downed wire that Pepco has not yet identified, call our downed line number: 1-800-898-8042

    If you have any questions, please address them with your on-site Delmarva employee liaison. Media Representatives can be reached by calling our 24/5 Media Hotline at (866) 655-2237. Please be aware that this phone number should only be used by the news media.

    For further information to help keep you safe, please read the  Storm Preparation Handbook and Weathering the Storm Fact Sheet.