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  • Authorize Usage Data – Paper Form

  • Delmarva Power offers its customers the ability to easily grant access to historical usage data to renewable energy contractors through the Request Customer Usage module within the Net Energy Metering Online Application Portal.

    When a customer cannot authorize access to their usage data online, a paper authorization form can be used. To request authorization:

    • Download and print the paper authorization form.  (The form can also be downloaded from the Request Customer Usage section of the NEM Online Application portal.)
    • Contractor or customer fills in all fields on the authorization form.  Customer signs the form.  Contractor photographs or scans the signed form and saves the file
    • Contractor logs in to the NEM Online Application portal
      • Contractors who have not yet registered for the portal can register here  
    • On the NEM Dashboard page, select the Request Customer Usage icon in the left navigation
    • Contractor clicks Request Approval, enters the customer account number, then clicks Attach Form to upload the saved, signed Customer Authorization form
    • Delmarva Power reviews the Authorization form for completeness. Delmarva Power updates the status in the customer list to approved or declined and sends the contractor an email with a status update
    • From the NEM Online Application portal, contractor selects Request Customer Usage, finds the customer’s name on the list, selects the preferred download option, clicks to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and selects Continue.  The customer’s usage history data is displayed in a downloadable file 

    For questions,  email Delmarva Power or call us at (866) 634-5571.