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Installing Natural Gas in Your Neighborhood

Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions about installing gas in your neighborhood.

  1. How will Delmarva Power determine if natural gas is available to me?

    Delmarva Power will review gas system maps to see how close existing gas mains are to your home. The review will also determine if it will be economically feasible to serve your neighborhood.
  2. If gas is available in my neighborhood, what is the next step that I need to take to initiate the process of bringing gas to my house?

    If Delmarva Power is able to bring natural gas to your home, you and any of your interested neighbors must submit a customer application and pay a required deposit in order for Delmarva Power to estimate your construction costs. You can get a customer application at delmarva.com or by calling your Residential Gas Customer Coordinator at (302)429-3813.
  3. How much is the required deposit? Is the deposit refundable?

    To confirm the customer commitment to bring gas into a neighborhood, we will collect a $200 deposit with each customer application. The deposit will be returned to you in the form of a check IF you convert to gas heating within five years of the installation of the gas mains. Delmarva Power will also return the deposit if the project does not proceed to construction.
  4. How will you determine the costs associated with bringing gas to my house?

    Delmarva Power will provide up to 100 feet of main per resident that submitted an application and paid a $200 deposit. If the required extension is over 100 foot per $200 deposit, then Delmarva Power will use a revenue estimation process to determine the costs over and above the required deposit. These costs are directly related to the number of customers in your neighborhood who have submitted an application and paid a deposit. The amount of your costs may change during the process as the number of interested customers may fluctuate.
  5. What is the customer responsibility during the installation process?

    You will be responsible for installing all gas-burning appliances and the piping from the outside meter location to the appliances. The piping will have to be pressure tested by the installing contractor and certified as gas-tight by the New Castle County or municipal inspector who has jurisdiction. The inspector will leave a tag at the house certifying the inspection. Delmarva Power will need to see the tag before installing the gas meter.
  6. What is Delmarva Power responsible for during the installation process?

    Delmarva Power will install gas mains just behind the curb along the front of your home on one side of the street or the other. We will also install a service line from the main to the location where your gas meter will be placed, usually on a front or side wall of your house, as close to the street as possible. (The first 100 feet of service line are at no cost to the customer).
  7. Will there be any additional costs that I may be required to pay?

    Delmarva Power will provide the first 100 feet of service line at no cost to you. If the length of your service line from your property line to your meter location exceeds 100 feet, you will be required to pay an additional cost for your service. Additional costs for service lengths over 100 feet are based on average construction costs per foot of additional service based on the prior year.
  8. What will determine the location of my gas meter?

    A Delmarva Power representative will meet with you or your contractor to decide the best meter location. The meter location may be determined prior to the start of construction or when service is actually needed, in the case that you will not be converting in the first year. It should be you or your contractor's responsibility to see that the gas piping can be extended from inside the house to the outside meter. It is Delmarva Power's intent to move all meters outside to a predetermined location.
  9. How will the gas mains and services be installed and how will it affect my property?

    We most commonly install gas mains by digging a three to four foot trench with a backhoe. Once the main is installed, we will cover the trench line with topsoil and seed unless we make specific arrangements beforehand. In most cases, we are able to bore under driveways and sidewalks when installing the main to avoid costly restoration of paved areas and to provide continuous access to them.
  10. What happens if I decide not to convert to gas at this time, but consider it for the future?

    If gas mains are installed in your neighborhood, you may have the option of converting to gas at a later date. However, because the feasibility of the project is based on the number of people converting to gas, it is possible that without enough interest, the project may not be cost-effective for customers. The more people interested in converting to gas, the more cost-effective the project will be.
  11. Why can't Delmarva Power bring natural gas to my home and neighborhood at no cost?

    The Delaware Public Service Commission strictly regulates our expenditures for installation of new facilities such that it has a minimal impact on customer rates. Under this regulation, Delmarva Power is required to recover the cost of bringing natural gas service to a home or neighborhood, from the customer(s) requesting the new service. Revenue expected from a new customer is factored into the cost of the installation of the new gas service.

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Additional questions/inquiries can be directed to the Residential Gas Customer Coordinator at (302) 429-3813.

For Natural Gas Emergencies in New Castle County only, call 302-454-3017.