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Outdoor Electrical Safety

Call Before You Dig

Landscaping or building on your property can be great, but before you start, you need to be sure it's safe. Protect yourself, any workers or contractors and your property - call before you dig to find out where underground utility lines are buried. If you puncture natural gas, propane, electric power, water, sewer, cable television or telephone lines with digging tools or equipment, you could be seriously injured, and you may be liable for injuries and/or repair costs.

In many states, the law requires you to call a utility locating service, Miss Utility at 811, before you start digging - these services are free. Save yourself time, trouble, injury and perhaps even a fine - call before you dig!

For more information, contractors and others who work around utility lines should read “Work Safely Near Utilities” and ”Working Safely Near Gas Utilities ” brochures.