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Working Together for Safety – Dog Bite Prevention

Safety is on the mind of every Delmarva Power employee when it comes to delivering your electric and natural gas service.  Our employees are specially trained to do a dangerous job safely, but aggressive dogs represent a different kind of challenge and a serious threat to our employees – especially meter readers and line mechanics.
Responsible pet ownership is the key to reducing the likelihood of a dog bite. You can help protect Delmarva Power employees by providing safe access to your electric meter.  Delmarva Power offers the following tips:  

  • Safely secure your dog inside the house or business on the day of the scheduled meter reading, as well as the day before and after

  • Make sure pets are secured away from the meter and meter path.

  • Do not let your children play with the dog in the yard when the meter is being read. The dog may feel it necessary to protect the child or the child may play with the dog in an aggressive manner which could heighten the dog’s reaction to a stranger.

  • If you have an electric fence or other invisible pet containment system, please let us know so that we may update your account.

Let's work together to prevent dog bites and ensure everyone’s safety.