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Choices and Rates

Maryland Energy Choice

For many years, Delmarva Power generated electricity and delivered it to you at rates set by regulatory commissions. With restructuring of the electric utility industry, Delmarva Power's electricity market changed. Competing electricity suppliers are allowed to market their electric supply to Maryland customers and now you can select the electric supplier that suits your needs. Click here for a list of electricity suppliers serving the Maryland area. Recognizing that you may have questions, Delmarva Power wants to help you navigate through the world of customer choice - also referred to as electricity deregulation or competition.

Delmarva Power will continue to supply electricity to customers who do not choose an alternative supplier under regulated rates Standard Offer Service.

Whether or not you choose another supplier, Delmarva Power still delivers electricity to all customers via an extensive network of electric power lines that we maintain. We also respond to all emergency and routine service calls.